Book Review – We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Hello everyone,

I would first like to apologize for not updating my book reviews as frequently as I’d like to. I’ve been terribly busy with the semester ending and life has just been a whirlwind lately. But I have a treat, I will be doing the rest of my book reviews today, so expect an overload of book reviews — well, only six in total but still.

Lockhart, E. We Were Liars. Delacorte Press. 2014. 227 p. 038574126X.

Genre:  Mystery/ Romance

Summary/ Analysis: 

We Were Liars tells the story of a girl named Cadence Sinclair who recalls her summer and life before Summer Fifteen, which she spent on a private island owned by her grandparents. She spends her time with the “four liars” — including herself — her cousins Johnny and Miren and the boy who has captured her heart, Gat. However, Cadence can’t really remember much from Summer Fifteen. They found her on the beach seriously injured with burns but over the next two years, Cadence suffers from migraines and lives in a haze of amnesia. That is until she returns to the island where pieces of Summer Fifteen slowly return and she recovers a memory that was meant to be forgotten.

So I don’t want to spoil anything because the ending has a bit of a twist but a couple of my friends have told me this book was amazing. The librarian who I checked this book out from told me it was one of the best YA novels she’s ever read. So after such high praise, I went into it with high expectations… And it sort of met it, sort of didn’t. It was interesting to follow a character who had amnesia as you followed her through the book as she grasped pieces of the past but the overall big reveal wasn’t that shocking (at least to me) and it seemed too ramped up. And just a heads-up, it is told in the first person so you have an unreliable narrator. The book does serve as a cautionary tale that warns readers of the consequences of greed, hypocrisy, and racism. And some parts of the book are written

like this



that’s not

your thing

don’t read it.

I know I’m not giving much away but this is intentional since I’m sure there are others out there that want to read this book. And all my reviews are spoiler-free.

Teaching Ideas: This is once again one of those books that I think would be more appropriate for individual reading. However, I think it would be fun to assign a project to construct a family tree for the Sinclair family since Cadence does talk about her family. And because it is a mystery, students can construct a reading journal to record their thoughts and/or predictions of what’s going to happen. They can also draw what they think the island looks like so they are able to put their imagination on paper.

Rating: 7.5/10

I hope you all enjoyed this book review. The next book to be reviewed is…. Fierce People by Dick Wittenborn!  Thanks for reading!



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