Book Review – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Hello everyone,

I hope these book reviews are helping you decide which books to read but don’t take my word for it. Even the books I didn’t like, you might love them, so take a risk and read some books! You never know which ones are keepers.

Yoon, Nicola. Everything, Everything. Delacorte Press. 2015. 336 p. 0553496646.

Genre: Fiction/ Romance

Summary/ Analysis: 

Everything, Everything tells the story of a girl named Madeline (Maddy) who has SCID, a disease that makes Maddy allergic to the world. She has never stepped foot outside, she lives with air filters, and a nurse who takes care of her when Maddy’s mother works. The only people she is in daily contact with is her mother and her nurse, until a family moves next door, a family that includes a boy named Oliver (Olly). As they learn more about each other through window pantomimes, IM messages, and emails, it becomes clear to Maddy that Olly will be the biggest risk she will ever take in her life.

I hope I’m getting better with summaries. My head feels like it’s going to explode when I write summaries: ‘But what about this part?’ ‘No, I can’t tell them about that, it’s a spoiler!’ I get too excited and wonder how I can cram a book into a summary when there’s so much to be said. Anyways, I will begin by saying this: it was not difficult at all transforming myself into a 17 or 18-year-old again, since it was practically just last year while reading this novel. Needless to say, this book was adorable and I could feel myself laughing and blushing since Olly was introduced to the last pages. Now while this book has its similarities to The Fault in Our Stars, it’s also completely different but still your average YA romance novel that is written beautifully. Yoon’s use of imagery allows the reader to feel as if they are in the same room as the characters and are able to view intimate settings and events being played out. The characters were vibrant and alive and it was thrilling to see a relationship as unique as this one grow. Now, I will say this, this book is meant for the Dreamers. You know who you are. For the Thinkers, you might enjoy this book as well but might find some problems with it and might question the actions of certain characters. Now, I believe I’m more of a Dreamer so while I had my doubts, they were swept up in the moment. For those of you wondering if this is a “cry your eyes out” novel like TFIOS, the answer is no. That is the only spoiler I will ever give away because sometimes you start a novel not wanting to shed any tears and then before you know it, you’re near the end of the book bawling your eyes out. But, there is a twist at the end that is pretty unpredictable.

Teaching Ideas: 

Once again, I would deem this book acceptable for individual reading. It’s one of those intimate books that you need to read alone in your room (so you can blush all you want without feeling embarrassed). Reading level would be the same as If I Stay. I think the main discussion we could have as a class after a short explanation is if the choice Maddy makes is logical. Not if it’s right or wrong but if it is logical and understandable. We can track back to certain characters’ discussions to see if they were in their right state of mind or not. I would be curious as to my student’s responses since this novel is very much a character-driven novel. But I don’t think this book would be right to teach, it’s more to be read for entertainment purposes.

Rating: 8/10

Now that my spring break is over (cue crying), I will not be able to do book reviews consistently but I will be doing other updates for this blog. Things I’ve been obsessed with, movie reviews, some book reviews scattered here and there, etc. Thank you for reading!


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