Hello everyone,

Wow, yes, it’s me. I know you all thought I was dead but I am not for those of you who read this blog. I AM ALIVE. School has been insane and while many things have happened, I have not been able to write anything on this blog and for that I apologize to those who are remotely interested in this blog (thank you).

So to give a recap, my winter break which I thought would’ve been filled with relaxing at home was the complete opposite. I’d say I had been traveling about 3/4ths of my break, most of the trips were completely unplanned for but very fun nonetheless. I also got sick during the month of December and have been until now (it’s reduced to random, small coughs). So for my first trip, I went to LA/ San Diego. The reason for going was to visit Anton Yelchin’s photography exhibit at the OTHER furniture store. If you are in LA, near Koreatown/ Hollywood, I urge you to go see it! It’s amazing and it showcases his photography talents very well. For more info: http://www.otherspacela.com/art

Then I went to a retreat with my church along with a few other small churches and that was just unbelievable. Long story short, I was a small group leader this time and wow, God did amazing things and will continue to do amazing things in those kids lives. It was odd to lead my three girls along with a close friend of mine but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Now school has started again. And I will be making a Day in the Life – School (3) again. I know I didn’t do it for last semester since I was busy but I will be doing it for this semester! I love making these haha I should probably do a regular Day in the Life, right? Maybe someday.

Ok, last announcement. My book-nerds will probably love this. On this blog, for this semester, I will be doing a YA Book Review series. Now, I have to do this for an English/Education class I am taking this semester so it will include some teaching stuff at the end but I will be giving a short synopsis of the novel and then I will rate it from a scale of 1-10. I hope you guys like the books I’ve picked out!

Peace out,

❤ Gina


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