Day in the Life – School (3)

Hello everyone! Two posts in one day??? I must be off my knockers….ok I’ll leave.

This semester, I’m not taking many classes so I’ll have more time to blog. So this one will be shorter than my other Day in the Life’s. Tuesdays I only have 2 classes and on Thursdays, I have three. Let’s do it on Thursdays, shall we? I noticed I take a lot of Tuesdays and Thursday classes, probably because those are my busiest days… Hmm…. Anyways….Here we GO!!!


7:30 AM – WAKE UP!


7:45 AM – EAT


Ya’ll need to start watching Stranger Things if you haven’t. What have you been doing with your life? Stop reading this and watch it NOW. Protect Jonathan Byers ❤

giphy That’s this guy. (*whispers* I love you <3)

8:50 AM – You all know the drill.


10:30 AM – My first class is a Design and Comp. for Theatre and Film. I’ve only had one class so far but I like it. It’s very hands-on.


12 PM – Next is my Principles of Dramatic Analysis for Theatre and Film class! I love this class, so many interesting discussions on theatre and film. I’m excited for all the things I’m going to learn!


1:30 PM – And lastly, I have my Literature for Youth class. This is the class that is having me do the book reviews! Excited for this! Hope you all like it! I haven’t read books on a continuous basis for a while now. My reading speed has gone down like crazy… But I love the professor for this class! He is hilarious and I love how he takes the time to learn about each student! Really makes this a fun class 🙂


2:45 PM – SCHOOL’S OUT!!! Yup, that’s it for this semester, which is very nice. My schedule had me drooling when I first planned it. It’s perfect 🙂

That’s it! Or is it?

And now, you can all stare at pictures of Charlie Heaton, the actor who plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things.

jancy That smile kills me everytime.

6e7b3e6582f5ba249f2be8dd24486579 Look at that smile!


Dear Lord… But I think this photo would have to be my favorite:










Alright, that’s enough of the hot photo spam. I’m done. I hope you guys enjoyed this post (I know I did) and basically this is what my fangirling looks like… (times 10) (who said that???). I hope you enjoyed and please watch Stranger Things if you haven’t (I’m late to the party, I know)!


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