No Words…

Hey guys,

So I’m back from my Korea trip which was just jam-packed with little sleep, shopping, eating and fangirling over cute stuff. We came back June 18th but technically we weren’t really conscious and alive from jetlag until June 19th… Which was Father’s Day but also the day I had found out that Anton Yelchin had passed away.

If you look at my “Favorite Actors” post, you’ll see that Anton Yelchin is nowhere to be seen in those sea of names and that’s because I didn’t really know who he was until his death. To be honest, I didn’t even know his name…but then I saw his face in an article and realized that he was Chevok in the current Star Trek series. That was nineteen days ago… Little did I know how much of my heart he would capture in the days that followed.

As the days went by from when I heard about the news, I became more and more devastated by his death and thus began watching hours and hours of his movies, and reading articles and interviews of him. I felt so much regret for not knowing who he was, this great shining beacon of light as both an actor and a human being. And for some reason, his death hit me even harder than Alan Rickman’s. His death, as well as Alan Rickman’s, made me feel as though I had lost a dear friend of mine. It was the most bizzare feeling I had ever encountered. Here I was, sobbing at 3 AM, over yet another film of his I had watched called House of D (which also stars Robin Williams; I do advise not to watch this movie if you don’t want to drown in your own tears) when suddenly, in a heart-stopping moment, I realized that they were both gone. And don’t even get me started on Robin Williams! Simply put, I was a wreck and I still am but from what little I know about Anton from his interviews, Wiki page and imdb page, I’m glad he lived his life, no matter how short it was. He accomplished so much in just 27 years that most actors wouldn’t even dream of accomplishing! Sure, not many people knew him, myself included,  maybe just as the “guy who played Chevok” but with roles such as Charlie in Charlie Bartlett, Jacob in Like Crazy, Brian in 5 to 7, Quentin in Rudderless, Odd Thomas in Odd Thomas, Charlie Brewster in Fright Night (2011), Nathan Harris in Criminal Minds, Tommy in House of D, Zack Mazursky in Alpha Dog, Pat in Green Room and many many more, it is clear that Anton was someone who was passionate about acting, film, music, literature, etc. and his life and works will always be something that I strive for.  Just the emotion he carried with each film he did, it seemed effortless the way he played with your heartstrings. Truly truly truly a phenomenal actor and a humble spirit rested within Anton.

Learning more about Anton, I felt like I was rediscovering myself in a way. He was an inspiration to many and now to me. I recently learned he was about to direct his first film three weeks after his death — well, there you go, Mr. Yelchin was always going somewhere and his diligent work ethic is something that I will be working towards in the future. Alright, I think you all get it. Anton Yelchin was one of the finest actors and human beings that I have ever had the pleasure to watch and listen to. And boy, do I have more to watch of his and I can’t wait to continue my movie-watching experience but for now, here’s to a man who was taken to Heaven to sing and laugh with God. Once again, thank you for reading. I apologize for this scattered piece but I really needed to write about this. Here are a couple of my favorite moments of Anton:

Yankee Doodle – Charlie Bartlett

Like Crazy

Ending of 5 to 7

Alpha Dog *tw death*


Beautiful Mess – Rudderless (his laugh <3)

Fukkus – House of D

Odd Thomas spoiler ending

And finally, I’ll wrap it up with a tribute:

RIP Anton Yelchin





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