Upcoming Trip…to South Korea!

Hello to no one in particular!

This summer, I will be going to South Korea (not North because…you might never hear from me again!) for a month with my family. This will be my first time going to Korea and I am excited to learn about my culture and be surrounded by my people’s language. Of course, it will be a culture-shock since I have been living in the United States all my life but I’m hoping I will adjust quickly and have a good time. The only problem is…I can’t really speak Korean nor can I read it very well. I can understand most of the language, I just can’t repeat what you just said to me in Korean, if I can, it will be in broken Korean. I know, I’m a shame to my people but that’s alright. I will stick close to my family and if I get lost then I’m screwed; it was nice blogging my life occasionally to you all.

Hopefully, I don’t get lost. However, I will try to post pictures on here when I come back (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog while I’m there). Who knows, I might meet my future husband there…ha…yeah, no. There’s so many things to do there and I cannot wait to see what Korea has in store for me. That said, this may be the last summer vacation I will go on for the next three or four years. Why? Starting next summer break, I will have to take summer classes. Dun, dun, DUNNN! I know but they will mostly be theatre classes (or so my advisor tells me), so doing theatre during summer? What more could I ask for? (Lounging by the beach in San Diego? Shut up.) My sister and I are also trying to fit in one more trip to Disneyland before we both get insanely busy (too late) so please keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to: 1. Afford a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure and 2. That our summer breaks will magically be open for a few days to escape to the most magical place on Earth.

Thank you for reading! If I do not post again for a few months I apologize (although I doubt anyone watches my blog regularly), I will be in Korea and/or will be busy!

I have been obsessed with The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Michael Arden is amazing! Check out his belts down below!


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