Day in the Life – School (2)

New semester equals new classes. Yes, I know I should have done this in the beginning of January but…I didn’t… Anyways here we go!


6:30 AM – I wake up…to this ringtone:

wake up.gif

That’s right, be jealous.

7 AM – Eating…whatever’s in my kitchen, I swear, I have the most random breakfasts sometimes. For example, one morning, I had some Arby’s leftover curly fries/ mozzarella sticks with Korean food and broccoli soup.

tina fey.gif

My thoughts exactly.

7:50 AM – I take multiple modes of transportation to get to school. Before I board the lightrail I pray that there is a seat open. These days, my luck has been running out.


Is this just me? When I’m on the bus or lightrail I have no idea where to look. You don’t want to maintain eye contact with a stranger because that’s just weird and if you stare at space for a while you look like there’s nothing going on up there. Forget it, this is usually how I look:

anigif_enhanced-22091-1438803032-2 HOORAY for resting b**** faces!! 😀

9 AM – My first class is… Theatre!! 😀

I swear I become like another person in my theatre class…not in the acting sense.

tumblr_maqdocFUP41qih9gi (1).gif

When I work, you best believe that I WERK!


Starting my days off with theatre is the highlight of my day and the moment I leave the classroom my soul crawls back to it’s desolate, dark corner….just kidding.

10:15 AM – Theatre ends for the day 😦 and I go on to one of my English class (I’m taking two). We’re usually talking about some English Renaissance poetry that I am secretly fascinated with. Ah yes, lovesick poets, my favorite.




1:30 PM – Next up is my ELL class.

3 PM – My second English class which has proved to be very thought-provoking. We comment on literature and go deep into the motives of authors. We all sound very knowledgable (not).


4:30 PM – My absolutely dreadful Korean culture class which should be changed to the Korean history class because that’s all we’ve been learning. The title has been misleading… Yes, history is included in the culture but it’s been a couple months of just Korean history and I am quite tired of it. My thoughts:



5:45 PM – Time to go home!




bzxS1O6 - Imgur (1).gif

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed this post!

If you want to see my last School Edition post, here’s the link!




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