Hungry Hearts (2014) Movie Review

Why am I in love with indie movies? Why can’t I just behave like a normal person and try for once not to be a hipster and enjoy regular Blockbuster movies? Well, I do… And that is actually how I got introduced to this film.

If you have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the past month or so, you should know of a character called Kylo Ren and the actor who plays him is… Adam Driver. Like many others, I have fallen victim to Adam Driver’s interesting looks,”endearly awkward” personality, and enormous talent. God, do I love this man. So for the past couple of weeks, I have been absolutely obsessed with him and have been watching anything he is in. He is known for his more comedic roles like in This Is Where I Leave You and While We’re Young and even his short appearance in Inside Llewyn Davis. But his more dramatic roles are even more captivating.

Hungry Hearts is one of those dramatic movies that captures Driver’s talent perfectly. It tells the story of a couple, Jude (Adam Driver) and Mina (Alba Rohrwacher), who meet accidentally (and rather hilariously, stuck in a small Chinese restaurant bathroom, where Adam has diarrhea from food poisoning) and fall in love and have a baby. However, during and after Mina’s pregnancy, their relationship is strained due to Mina not trusting modern medicine and obsessing over “purity” for their child. When the baby is born, Mina places the baby under a strict vegan diet and refuses to go see a pediatrician. This begins to concern Jude who barely even gets to spend time with his child because of Mina’s parenting. Concerned over his child’s health, he takes the baby when Mina is sleeping to a pediatrician who asks him about the baby’s diet. After Jude tells him of his wife’s obsessive behavior, he informs him that the baby is not growing on the diet that Mina has placed him on. In fact, the infant is in the seventh percentile in weight for his age. The doctor suggests that Jude begin feeding him meat like ham to help the baby catch up. Jude ends up having to feed his baby secretly at a nearby chapel. However, Mina soon finds out and begins to give the baby an anti-nutrient oil. Obviously Mina is psychologically unwell and Jude is just being a devoted father who cares deeply for his son’s health but it’s the relationship between them that drew me to finish this movie. Before the baby was born, everything was sunshine and rainbows. They were very happy together and loving but after the birth, Mina just becomes obsessed with this purity aspect but Jude, even defends her on one occasion from his mother but is aware of the fact that Mina needs to get help. You can see how conflicted Jude is and I think the more he sees that Mina is unfortunately a “lost hope”, he turns his attention on his son’s health and you suddenly see two people who maybe were never in love. The film portrays their declining relationship and then ends on a rather unexpected and slightly disappointing note.

Overall, both actors feed off of each other well and it is interesting to watch their relationship fall apart (as sadist as that sounds). I would rate this film a 7.5/10 and a “A-” for Adam’s acting, because that boy needs to be appreciated more. His eyes are amazing~ Watch this movie, you get to stare at Adam Driver for like almost two hours. Thanks for reading and I’ll try to do more film reviews when I have time.



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