This is more of a fun post. Recently, by which I mean two days ago, I started listening to the Hamilton Broadway cast album and for a while I put it off because I didn’t think it would be that great. I mean, everyone was making such a big deal about it everywhere I went, especially on tumblr. So I finally decided to check it out and wow, this album has a lot of songs. Forty-six to be exact. I’ll post the first song down below. I still have yet to listen to all the songs but the ones I’ve listened to are pretty good. It’s definitely a twist from regular Broadway albums (although I mostly listen to rock musicals and not the generic “Broadway” *cue jazz hands* albums) but Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the show, did a really good job making history seem…interesting. The show is about one of our Founding Fathers of the United States plus the first Secretary of the Treasurer, Alexander Hamilton. It goes about his life and how much he did to make this country great and establish the Constitution.

I think what’s amazing about this musical is the fact that as much as Miranda would deny it, he’s sort of like Hamilton, the way he writes and performs, he really brings every part of his heart into each of his songs, lyrics, and performances. I mean, he once performed the intro song at the White House in 2009 and everyone kind of laughed at him and the idea of Alexander Hamilton being a musical but fast-forward six years and it’s the leading show on Broadway right now. So I mean, the moral of the story is never judge who people are and what they love to do because you never know where they’ll end up and where you’ll be. So if you enjoyed that song, please by all means listen to the entire album, look up Miranda’s other works, he is absolutely amazing and is everything that I would love to be: actor, writer, director, etc. That’s crazy! To have a show that you put so much time, effort, and love into and for that show to end up on Broadway, that’s insane! I love his determination and he’ll probably be on my list of favorite actors soon. I hope everything is going well and I’m in a writing mood so I’ll probably churn some more posts out before I hit the hay.


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