Proving Myself

Hello all!

This is an update to my previous post: “The Most Terrifying Decision”. So, I will actually be majoring in both Secondary Ed. (English) and Theatre, so I will be double-majoring. However, there is going to be a process and my double major will not activate immediately so it will take some time but I am currently registering for classes for next semester, so things are looking up! I first wanted to major in Theatre but then I had a talk with my parents about the decision and they immediately said no and it was quite devastating, but at the end of our maybe two hour talk… my saint of a father said he knew that my passion for Theatre was “God-given” and he was willing to support me on my decision. And then I talked it over with my older brother and that is when he suggested that I double major. Double majoring will definitely take a lot out of me but he said that it was about proving myself to my parents that I was really serious about this. I mean, I completely understood my parents’ reactions because — you know, imagine you had a daughter that was highly passionate about a subject that was known for not exactly a high success rate and she tells you that she would like to devote her life and studies to it. I don’t know about you, but as a parent that would freak me out and I would probably have the same reaction as my parents. So, yes, I still stand by with what I’ve said in the previous post but I realize that life isn’t about doing what you want to do all the time. This generation is so immersed into their lives and I want to break away from that. In making this decision, I’m putting myself out there and doing this because first, I love my parents and second, I want to respect them and in order for me to do what I love and respect them, I have to suffer a bit. As my brother said, I have to suffer for my art. Suffer for what I really want. And this will test my passion. To be honest, I’m a bit scared as to where this will lead me but at the same time, I’m thinking “Wow, if this works out, I’ll have so many more possibilities open for me”. And for that, I’m grateful. As for the moment, I am trying to register for classes and already I feel the opposition coming against me, but I’ll charge through it and see where I end up. As always, thanks for reading. And I’ll post about something lighter next time.

PS: Coldplay is amazing, so here is a song that I am just reeling over. 


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